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The Untold History of Humanity – The Secrets of the Anunnaki

Several Sumerian texts refer to the Anunnaki as “those that came down from heaven”. They were considered a race of extremely powerful beings that came to design humanity more than 50.000 years ago.

Genesis tells us about a twelfth planet known as Nibiru, and this planet was populated by humanoid beings extremely similar to us. We are also told that they had problems in their atmosphere, and after searching for gold throughout the Solar System, they stumbled upon our planet.

The Anunnaki were treated as slaves, and those who had been assigned with this task started to reveal themselves against their oppressors. They required them to create an inferior being to do the heavy work in their place, and this is how a new and inferior race or species has been created.

The Anunnaki spent a lot of time on Earth taking care of the gold mines. Nevertheless, the Anunnaki came back to Earth but were disgusted by what they saw. Accordingly, the Anunnaki asked their inferiors to work in the mines once more

After the Anunnaki created man, the problem accentuated even more, since the new race was a savage and a wild one. The only possible solution was the total extinction of all species on the planet.