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NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spotted a Strange Alien Soldier on Mars, UFO Enthusiast Claims

This picture was originally discovered by Paranormal Crucible, a team of virtual archeologists that claimed that this was official proof of alien soldiers on Mars.

According to them, in this picture, you can clearly tell that the alien soldier is wearing a spacesuit which would imply that their own atmosphere is too much for them. This could mean that they have a secret lair where they’re all camping in, perhaps underground?

The alien is believed to be either a Grey Alien or an insect type of an alien altogether that we’ve never seen before. The picture was originally taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover and originally uploaded on NASA’s official website

Some have claimed that this could be a statue of a soldier instead of a soldier altogether while others believe this to be another trick of the light of some sort.

Zak Farley addressed this discover in an interview mocking the virtual archeologists’ efforts stating that this was nothing more or less than a simple stack of stones. Hybrid Sky agreed, but DiscloseTV has stated that this could be a race of aliens that could turn into stones or that have turned into stones because of the exposure to the atmosphere.