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Mysterious Miami ‘alien’ sparks social media meltdown (video)

A MYSTERIOUS set of UFOs spotted above Miami this week, sending social media into a frenzy. After footage of the alleged alien lights recorded more than three million views.

A mysterious UFO sighting in Miami sparked a social media meltdown. After footage of the strange glowing lights in Florida racked up more than three million views. The eerie lights have drawn comparisons to similar UFO sightings this week in Mexico and Texas. Sparking global concern at the strange orbs. The first footage of the Miami lights uploaded to Twitter by lawyer Rogan O’Handley. Who tweeted: “This video is from a friend in Miami. Can anyone explain?”

The clip, which immediately went viral, followed up later by another clip from the same friend documenting the strange sighting.

The first clip recorded more than 2.7 million views. And the latter recorded more than 628,000 views at the time of writing.

In the video, the lights at first appear close together. But then move apart at similar speeds.

There are at least five smaller orbs circling a larger glowing orb in the centre.

The smaller orbs then move away from the larger orb in different directions. And disappear at the end of the short social media clip.

In the second video, a narrator heard saying, “no bulls***”. As he focuses the camera on surrounding buildings. Before zooming in on the bizarre configuration of lights.

With more than 185,000 followers on Twitter. Mr Handley’s videos quickly spread across social media, garnering a stunned reaction.

Popular political commenter Dave Rubin responded to the clip. “”I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords.”
Actor and producer Joel Heyman added. “Invasion starting…hopefully.”

Sightings of bright glowing orbs in formations also spotted in Oaxaca, Mexico earlier this week.

Sceptics complained that there wasn’t more footage of the incident. Given it took place in the highly populated city of Miami.

Other UFO experts claimed that the lack of blurring in the footage. As the camera panned to the bright orb is proof that the clips were edited.

Similar appearances took place two days after the Miami sightings in Houston, Texas,

In Texas, several residents captured videos of the mysterious flashing lights. Which hovered in a strange formation

The Houston police department was contacted about reports of the lights but a representative was not available.