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6,000-Year-Old Ancient Monument Depicting an Ancient Star Map – Pedra do Inga

If you ever find yourself in the municipality of Inga then make sure that you go to the Brazilian state of Paraiba where you’ll find yourself the Pedra do Inga or as it’s more commonly known by the foreigners, the Inga stone.

This is one of the most popular attractions in the area as it is a 250 square meter rock formation on which it is said that 400 engravings of strange things are depicted.

Amongst these strange things also lie fruits, animals, humans, constellations, and even what many believe to be ancient astronauts and other foreign forms and shapes.

The 6,000-year-old monument in itself is quite impressively large, to say the least, but despite this its strangest area is definitely the vertical wall of 46 meters long and 3.8 meters high as it portrays a very different set of carvings, to say the least.

Many believe these to be engravings of ancient astronauts while the spirals might be representative of black holes or even other galaxies altogether. The constellations on it for example are by far some of the most impressive ones we’ve ever laid our eyes on as they depict some of the most intricate constellations out there including the ones from Orion.